Why Coaching Gets Results

Why Coaching Gets Results

The Power of Coaching

I love coaching because of its potential to deliver results. A session last week reminded me why I love it so much.

I’m always over the moon when somebody gets a great result after we’ve had a coaching session together. It’s all about their success – not mine!

That success is measured by the sales or the big decisions they make. But, even more importantly, by their increased confidence and enjoyment in the job.

“Success is not achieving your goal, success is attempting to achieve it.”

Here are my three reasons why coaching is so powerful:

  1. Flexible coaching allows me to move to whatever my individual client’s priority is right now. In January, a lot of my coaching was to help people close deals in the pipeline that had stagnated from 2021. In December, lots of focus on setting goals and developing robust growth strategies for 2022 and beyond. February has been a lot about finding time for busy sales managers so, as a result, they can focus on their priorities.
  1. Real – with coaching I’m able to work on real, and I mean really real, situations. I can do a coaching session in the morning and my client gets a result that same day. It embeds confidence and shows them that they can do it.

“In our sessions you always say that sales people get orders all the time after a session with you. You can add another one to that list 🙂 I have closed 4,500 euros on the event today and received the contract as well. Really appreciate your help and support.”

  1. Sustainable – depending on who you listen to training lasts for 7-90 days. With coaching the person you are coaching takes on responsibility for the learning. As a result three things happen: first, they start to look for the answers within themselves, secondly, they take responsibility for acting on what they’ve learnt and thirdly, it actually changes their behaviour.

If you are finding that sales cycles have slowed or stalled completely, that there’s never enough time in the day to get it all done or that you are stuck in the weeds and struggling to get your head up and work on the strategic priorities that will really make your business grow then click here and book a call with me here and experience The Power of Coaching.

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