Delegate More To Increase Sales

Delegate More To Increase Sales

Focus on Sales

In this blog I’m going to discuss a few key reasons why sales leaders aren’t always focused on their top priority – sales? And as a result they don’t always increase sales in the way they could.

Firstly, they are just so busy. Secondly, they get called in to all sorts of other things that aren’t income generating tasks. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, many don’t find it easy to delegate. If they had a bit more time to delegate more they’d increase sales for sure.


But why do they spend so much of their time on other things? It’s usually because they don’t delegate enough. Without delegating how can you focus on your priorities? Things that get more sales like coaching your sales people or doing joint calls with them as opposed to spending hours in meetings or producing spreadsheets.

Take a Risk

The thing is most people think that it’s more efficient to just do it themselves. But remember -if delegating is risky – not delegating is riskier still!

Rob Moore says all the time ‘If you risk nothing, you risk everything.’

First you have to accept that you can’t do everything yourself. Next recognise that if it’s going to work people have to learn how to do it – and to learn…. they have to make mistakes. Let them have a go, take a short term risk for a positive long-term outcome.

3 Steps to Successful Delegation 

1: Make it absolutely clear

Explain what you want done not how to do it;  agree timelines as well as the final deadline. Checking they understand is as much a test of the clarity of your brief as their capability to do it. Cover it until it is 100% clear.

2: Offer Support

Check if they’ve got it. Find out if they need additional training, resources and even reassurance. Enable them to do what you need them to do.

3: Follow up

Don’t wait for them to fail – follow up and see how they’re getting on. Offer more support, direction or reassurance. Recognising their efforts and what they’ve done well is a good way of finding the balance between micro management and laissez faire.

“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.” – General George Smith Patton, Jr.

Not hitting targets?

Finding it hard to keep ahead of the market?

Sales Leaders too busy?

Can’t afford for things to go wrong?

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