5 Quick Steps for Coaching Success

5 Quick Steps for Coaching Success

Research shows that effective sales coaching can increase top line revenues by up to 20%. But something we often hear from our clients is that their Sales Managers are just too busy to coach their sales teams and even when they’re not they don’t have the experience to do it with confidence.

We’ve found using this quick 5 step approach can make sales coaching easier to implement and more motivational for your sales people too. By getting your sales person to choose a real deal to be coached on where they were successful you make them more open to improve because you’re focussing on their success.

The 5 Steps for Success

Step 1 – What went well?

Step 2 – What didn’t go well?

Step 3 – What should they do more of?

Step 4 – What should they do less of or stop doing?

Step 5 – How can they apply this to the next deal?

If you’re interested in making your coaching even more effective try using these 5 steps when you’re out with your team. This way you make it part of your day to day sales management activity and you get to hear your customers’ perspective too.

There’s evidence to show that more than two sessions a month start to give decreasing returns but one is definitely better than none. By getting your sales people to embrace these 5 steps after each and every call they start to self assess and make the changes they need to achieve continuous improvement in their sales performance.

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