4 Steps to Sales Transformation

4 Steps to Sales Transformation

Getting people to do things differently

We’ve been talking about a number of ways to take your sales transformation from paper to reality. Surely the hardest part is actually changing peoples’ behaviour – No behavioural change – no improvement in performance.

Increase your chances of successfully implementing your transformation strategy and realising a measurable improvement in performance by following these 4 fundamental steps:

  1. Gain buy in using the power of your team:

Rather than making implementation a job for the Directors set up a ‘Think Tank’ involving a cross section of your business to gather ideas and test your thinking. Then nominate your top performers as ‘Sales Champions’ to lead the change.

  1. Build capability by focusing on the positives:

Start with looking at what people do well using a strengths-based assessment. Aim to get real benefits from your performance assessment by making it part of the normal working routine where you can see it for real and at the same time identify the barriers to their success to clear the way for them to succeed.

  1. Embed the learning working with real examples:

To get results beyond the classroom make the training relevant to what your sales people actually encounter in their job using sales simulations that are based on real opportunities. Embed the learning back in the workplace using 121 sales coaching to combine training, job practice and feedback.

  1. Realise the benefits by keeping the momentum going:

Benefits are rarely realised in the short term and are more often the result of the continuous application of the core elements of your transformation strategy. So use your Sales Managers to keep it dynamic with daily, ad hoc interventions and get them to implement the 121 coaching to embed the learning.

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