Vertical website and brand identity launched!

Vertical website and brand identity launched!

Big-VI am pleased to announce the launch of my new brand identity, and website this month.

The journey has been a demanding, and rewarding process which went through a number of stages. But what drove the change and why did I choose the name ‘Vertical’?

Well the first step was that I gained a clear understanding over the past two years of what businesses need to do to get results from their sales divisions. As a result I have redefined and streamlined my proposition to meet those needs. We’ve all learnt some hard lessons in this recession and one of those, if we didn’t already know it, is that you can cut costs to survive but growth is the only way to really succeed. Vertical concentrates on everything in sales that you need to focus on to improve your performance and increase your revenues.

The name ‘Vertical’ makes a positive statement about where I see the business heading; coupled with the positive affect my work has with all my clients. I’ve always achieved the right focus and results using my experience and expertise in business development and sales. However, to take it to the next stage and make it work across your business at the pace you need it to I recognise that you will need expertise and support in other critical areas such as marketing and branding design. Whilst these are closely aligned to what I do they are not my speciality so the Vertical Team has grown to include experts in these fields. One key member of the Team is Stephen Green, who worked with me to choose the brand name, helped to clarify my positioning and to create a compelling identity design and website. And that’s how Vertical was born.

I believe that the name Vertical portrays my passion for success and drive for continuous improvement; in your business and mine. If performance, results, revenues and staff morale are all on the way up then that’s ‘Vertical’. On a more personal note my maiden name was Green and my maternal Grandmother was Swiss-French. Many of you will know that ‘vert’ means green in French. The family connection together with the word meaning the pinnacle of success made ‘Vertical’ a perfect choice.

The website is the culmination of all these thoughts and ideas, it features a number of recent case studies and the news blog and will be focal point for all the new work I plan to do with Vertical in the future. I hope you enjoy reading about Vertical and find it useful.

If you would like to discuss a new project or business issue with me,

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