All Set For 2022!

All Set For 2022!

“Without having a goal it’s difficult to score” – Paul Arden

Hopefully, now we’re in the first week of January, most of you will have your 2022 goals to aim for. That’s going to give you an even better chance of succeeding.

Goal Setting Made Clear

Often though people find it hard to distinguish what’s what. So what’s the difference?

  • Goal – is the outcome you hope to achieve.
  • Target – is similar to a goal but usually the smaller steps aligned to the details and deadlines of larger goals.
  • KPI – is a metric to let you know how well you’re doing working towards that goal.

My Simple Tips

These have served me and my clients well in setting goals and targets. If you’ve already done your 2022 goals then you can use these tips to validate or challenge them.

#1 – Make sure they are set in line with your business and sales plan

#2 – Make sure they add up

#3 – Drill down into the assumptions to see if they withstand scrutiny

Aim Low?

This is a bit controversial and goes against the ‘aim high’ talk you normally hear. The thing is, I’ve learnt from running and turning businesses around that it’s far better (and much more motivational for everyone) to hit a lower target than to miss an unrealistic target that just looks good in a sales or business plan.

I’m going to be doing more posts and articles on strategy and goals so stay tuned to hear more about what I’ve learned through failure as well as success in 30+ years building profitable businesses.

Act Now

If you need to know more now to kick start your 2022 success then I’d be happy to help.

Book a complimentary call with me here – no spin, no sell, just help and ideas.

I’m deeply curious about what makes the difference for anyone looking to double their revenues in 2022 so I’m happy to give half an hour of my time to the cause.

To your success in 2022!

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