Training is an investment so it needs to get results

Training is an investment so it needs to get results

Three training must haves are:

  1. Practice

  2. Expert coaches

  3. Motivation

Vertical had the opportunity to be involved recently in a good example of the right mix. The innovative ‘Host’ programme at Warwick Business School was designed to cover all of the key skills needed by businesses large and small. Delegates were senior executives and middle management who had fallen victim to our turbulent economy and who were looking to get back into the work place.

There were a comprehensive set of workshops, including one delivered by Cathy Bennett of Vertical showing how to grow sales by focusing on your customers. The delegates then had the opportunity to put their newly acquired and revitalised skills into practice in local businesses – hence the ‘Host’ Programme. The good news is that the majority of the delegates are now back in work or have set up their own fledgling businesses.

A large part of its success was down to:

  1. Practice – embedding the skills with practical application using hands on case studies during the workshops and real life practice with their ‘Hosts’.
  2. Expert coaches – with many years practical experience of their own and the skill to deliver it to a varied audience. Delegates really rated their coaches with up to 75% saying they were excellent.
  3. Motivation – following redundancy people needed to regain their confidence and a belief that they offered real value to potential employees and clients. 50% of delegates gave the programme 5/5 in helping them feel more confident about gaining employment.

Three key ingredients for training that deliver results in the real world.

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