Serving an ace to win

Serving an ace to win


Let’s hope Andy Murray wins Wimbledon this year and is our first British men’s champion since 1936?

In fact, let’s hope he does it in style, with the minimum effort. After all isn’t that what we all want and need in today’s tough economic climate – least effort greatest return. For sure, but before we talk about returns, let’s talk about our efforts or in Andy’s case serves.

What better way to win than by serving ace after ace – not just straight set wins but every game won with just four nice aces? Game, set and match! No doubt Andy has to practice very hard to achieve his success. And now is definitely the time to make sure that your team have all the right skills and abilities to go out and win business against tough competition. And that they practice those skills as regularly as Andy does both for real and on the practice courts.

But to make it count those aces have got to go in. Because one thing’s for sure- if you aim to win by serving aces then they have to go in. Double faults will not win Andy the Championship but will lose it for him. Well isn’t it exactly the same when it comes to developing and training your team? How many times have you carried out good quality training but haven’t got the results. So you like Andy have to make sure that you are targeting the right areas to practice and perfect. So how can you do that in your business? It’s pretty obvious to Andy where that ace needs to be directed and land but is it as clear as that for your sales force?

You may have already experienced a training needs analysis in the past that was a list of training courses with your staff asked to decide which ones they need. The courses might be brilliant but the danger is that your results don’t improve and sometimes even worsen. So why? Usually it’s as simple as a lack of focus on the business goals and objectives that the training could have supported. Also, are your sales team in the best position to define what their real needs are? What you need is clear definition of your business goals, an analysis that is aligned to these and then a robust process to make sure that the answers it gives are valid. And after all that you still want the best training at the best cost. Sounds complicated doesn’t it – maybe even as unbelievable as Andy winning Wimbledon.

Well maybe we can help with our ACE Audit – a bespoke training needs analysis that is aligned to your business goals and objectives. We work with you through its development tailor it to your business and objectives, translate them into performance requirements and then conduct the analysis in a very robust way to identify gaps in performance. Our experience shows that a lot of training solutions are already within your business and can give you the high quality but low cost that you need. The other thing we’ve learnt is that 121 coaching is often the best solution and, if we develop your managers to deliver, it becomes part of your business for the future.

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I’d love to hear form you and in the meantime here’s to the first British Men’s Wimbledon Champion in 73 years.


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