Seven Sales Tips for Survival and Success

Seven Sales Tips for Survival and Success

Tried and tested sales tips that will help you and your business when the going gets tough

1. Set out to be a winner


A positive mindset is the first step to creating and maintaining a successful business. It is true that some businesses will not survive the recession. In fact it’s true that some will fail, recession or not. The key thing to remember is most businesses will NOT fail – they will survive and indeed thrive. Decide that your business is going to be a winner, and you will be more likely to succeed.

2. Stick to what you’re good at

Be proud of what you do, and do it well. Your revenue and reputation will grow stronger as a result. Now is not the time to branch out into risky or unchartered territory. New ventures take time and energy which will take you away from your core business. If you are good at your business, and you love what you do, it will show.

3. Promise less – deliver more

It’s far better to keep things simple and promise what the customer really needs and then make sure you deliver it. There’s nothing like poor service or letting someone down to damage your reputation and lose clients. Don’t be tempted to promise the impossible or create unnecessary improvements in order to win the business.

4. Double your efforts

Working harder AND smarter than before will get results. If you used to make 10 sales calls a day, you now need to make 20 to get the same outcome. If you used to finish at 6pm then maybe now it’ll have to be 7pm – there’s always something more you can do and there’s no such word as ‘can’t’! Work twice as hard and don’t give up. But make sure you’re directing your efforts effectively. It’s much easier to retain existing customers than to find new ones. Do your current clients know the full extent of your services? A phone call could open up new avenues you didn’t know existed. Ask them what their challenges are, and what they need. You may be able to provide it.

5. Be flexible to meet changing requirements

If you have a flexible approach and a “can-do” attitude your customers are more likely to choose YOU as their partner and recommend you to others too. Your customers’ circumstances are changing by the minute. They need you to come up with a solution that gives them what they want and is within their budget. It’s all about putting your customers in a position where they can say ‘yes’. Be prepared to offer a wider range of products and services and be ready to fit into a changing environment … you will reap the rewards.

6. Find solutions for your customers

Provide solutions to your customers’ problems and you’re onto a winner. Your customers want to do business with salespeople who understand them – their job and their problems. It’s all too easy to “sell” your product or service based on its features and benefits. But what does your customer really want? Ask them what their challenges are, what they need and take the time to listen to their issues. Helping customers solve their business problems and achieve positive, measurable results needs to be the basis of everything you do.

7. Give something back

If you do your customers will feel valued and your generosity will pay dividends. What can you do that will add value to your customers, yet costs you little? Perhaps it’s a complimentary item or service, perhaps it’s simply some free advice or guidance. You have probably heard the saying that “people buy people” – we all prefer to work with people that we like and trust. If you can instil that within your work ethic, your business will benefit.

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