Case Study

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The integration game

When Briggs Equipment UK launched its own finance company, BE Finance, to help customers fund its products, it was vital its sales team quickly acquired the knowledge and skills to weave the extra benefits into their story.
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Weathering the storm

Tailored sales training helped a leading international procurement business respond to challenging market conditions by giving its sales force the skills and confidence to drive its new strategy forward.
Atrium Ltd - Louis Poulsen Design to shape Light

Shining example

Atrium brought in Vertical Sales to make sure its management structure was strong enough to drive growth and meet the needs of its succession plan.
Alain Charles Publishing Books

Hitting the headlines

Alain Charles Publishing was facing a major conundrum: how to boost global revenues in an incredibly tough media climate.
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Careful handling makes marketing a sales reality

Quickly uniting a business behind a central strategy following an acquisition is vital, and a materials handling equipment supplier brought in Vertical Sales to help formulate a strong customer value proposition to drive the newly formed business forward.
Equipped to deliver a better sales return

Equipped to deliver a better sales return

There’s more to successful customer relationship management than simply launching a new system.
Bespoke training sharpens sales

Bespoke training sharpens sales

Training can motivate a lacklustre sales force, but not just any training. It needs to be based firmly on individual need and the requirements of the business.
Building awareness of customer needs

Building awareness of customer needs

Taking key customer accounts for granted by being unresponsive can be a short-cut to losing them altogether no matter how market leading the products.